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An area where solidarity reigns, the Soule province – Xiberoa in Basque – is a unique territory instilled with an age-old culture and language, and an identity forged on tradition and open-mindedness.

Soule is the heart of the Basque country, a place that has managed to protect and preserve its exceptional surroundings thanks to the work done by shepherds over the centuries. From the mountain peaks to the open plains, covering 35 towns, Soule has a wide range of cultural (maskaradas, pastorals – traditional musical parades and theatrical performances) and leisure activities (country walks, mountain biking, fishing, etc.) for visitors to enjoy.

Mount Orhy (2017 m)

A beautiful outing with several different trails to choose from to reach the summit. Photo taken from the Arratzolatze pass, a renowned wood-pigeon shooting location.

The Pista waterfall

Just a few kilometers from the hotel, you can drive to the start of this beautiful walk through the Basque countryside (one of my favourites). Take the trail that leads to the mountain shelter at the foot of the waterfall (3hrs round trip on foot).

The Holzarte gorges

Spectacular canyons that are up to 200m deep in certain places. Take the awe-inspiring wooden walkway suspended over a 180 m drop (1hr30 round trip on foot).

The Organbideska bird sanctuary

From mid-July to mid-November you can observe migrating birds.

The La Verna chamber

A stunning show cave. Go down into the depths of the Earth to visit the largest show cave chamber in the world.
Show Cave Caving and Potholing

Kakouetta Gorges

Walk down between the steep cliffs as you follow this canyon surrounded by lush, green vegetation.

Iraty forest

Enjoy a walk through Europe’s largest beech grove; stunning whatever the season.